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06 May 2022

Pick to Click against Leeds: it's gotta be Martinelli

Sorry, Luke, but you may be in for a tricky shift...
So we have to wait 'til Sunday to see just how much closer we might get to clinching a Champions League spot for the first time since the 2016-17 season. Hmph. Early signs are encouraging, though, what with Tottenham going to Anfield on Saturday and us hosting Leeds on Sunday. Tottenham may actually fare better against Liverpool than they have against the likes of Brentford or Brighton, but that's neither here nor there. After all, as the old saying goes, I don't have to climb into a rubbish bin to know what rubbish is. Instead, let's put our focus where it belongs: on us. We have it in our power to control our destiny. Key to doing that on Sunday may very well be our brilliant Brazilian, Gabriel Martinelli. 

19 December 2021

Leeds 1-4 Arsenal: Player Rating/MOTM Poll results

607 voters weighted in this week, naming none other than Martinelli as our MOTM with a whopping 84.3% of the vote. I suppose that's what happens when one bags and plays with such electricity and verve. Even if Leeds were discombobulated, the lads deserve a lot of credit for refusing to get complacent. It was a commanding performance, the kind that can build confidence going forward. We have a few days before our League Cup tie with Sunderland, after which the fixtures come fast and furious. Let's enjoy this result and hope it's a springboard to success!

18 December 2021

Leeds 1-4 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

Well, we cruised to a comfortable away win over depLEEDed (haha, see what I did there. Cough. Yes, so...) courtesy of goals from Martinelli, Saka, and Smith-Rowe, with only a consolation penalty denying us a clean sheet. It was 0-3 by the 42nd minute, and from there it was really only
complacency that posed any real threat. One has to admire Bielsa's dedication; despite missing an estimated 37 first-team players, he stuck to his tactics. We really put them to the knife, and one shouldn't underestimate the value of an away win even against such an overmatched opponent. With this being the only match to take place today, we rise a little further above our rivals for the fourth spot and dare to dream the ridiculous dream of shouldering our way into third, given Chelsea's inconsistencies of late. Rather than actually doing that, though, let's focus on reality, and the reality is that we have a young, exciting squad that is still just beginning to plumb the depths of its collective potential. Let's give 'em what they deserve after today's showing!

27 October 2021

Arsenal 2-0 Leeds: Post-Match Ratings Summary and MOTM

It looks like Arteta's squad selection worked out really well, with most of the rotated-in players earning high marks for their efforts. Goals from Chambers and Nketiah, strong keeping from Leno, and solid effort from Holding were all trumped by Maitland-Niles's outstanding all-around effort. It's worth noting that Bielsa selected a squad that was just about as strong as it could be, given his injury crisis. They did start strong but couldn't match our effort, tactics, and chemistry. We'll have to wait until Saturday's draw to find out who we'll face in the quarterfinal. Until then, let's savor the result!

26 October 2021

Arsenal 2-0 Leeds: Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

After a dicey first half in a which a stronger-than-expected Leeds side looked to take an early lead, our lads found their way through to the League Cup quarterfinal courtesy of a bundled goal from Calum Chambers, who scored from his first touch just 23 seconds after being subbed on; and from Eddie Nketiah, who chipped the Leeds keeper, chased it down, and scuffed home. It wasn't always pretty, but the only stat that counts is the number of shots that find their way to the back of the net. We'll have to wait 'til Saturday's draw to learn who we'll face in the quarterfinal; for now, let's rate 'em and see where the chips fall...

25 October 2021

League Cup Preview: Time to Lay Waste to Leeds...

Fresh off a fine display against Aston Villa on Friday, we turn around to host Leeds on Tuesday. For as much as we may have mocked the League Cup, it's one of two pieces of silverware available to us, and so we really should throw ourselves into the effort. Without Continental commitments to sap our strength, and with only three matches between us and this trophy, well, why shouldn't we get after this one? Defeat Leeds, and we're in the quarterfinal. Though there are some heavy hitters still out there-- Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea-- it's unlikely that any of them will be fielding full-strength sides just yet. None of that matters if we don't secure passage, so let's have a look at Leeds, shall we?