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27 November 2017

Herbert Chapman: Huddersfield Legend.

Huddersfield, newly promoted to English soccer's top-flight, struggle, bravely but barely grasping at anything to stay up. Bigger clubs with more resources can bully them. Enter a young, new manager with fresh ideas about fitness, about positive, flowing football, about tactics and flexibility. He energizes the squad and propels them towards to the league title. I'm not talking about David Wagner, however. I'm summarising the exploits of one Herbert Chapman before he became the Arsenal legend that we know and love. In West Yorkshire, Chapman might be even more respected and beloved among the Terriers faithful than he is among Gooners.

30 May 2014

OFFICIAL: Arsène has signed 3-year deal

In the wake of a season that alternated between exhilirating possibility and frustrating disappointment, terrifying lows, dizzying highs, and creamy middles, there was one near-constant, as much a fixture of an Arsenal season as, well, actual fixtures: Arsène out. After the loss to Aston Villa, of course, it reached a, uh, fever pitch only to ebb after the signing of Mesut Özil and a run of form that saw us riding as high as can be until January and February when injuries and a cluttered schedule took their toll. However, we managed to claw our way back to something resembling respectability topped at the very end with the cherry that is the FA Cup. With the long winter of our discontent over, perhaps it is time to lay to rest the calls for Arsène to leave? Indeed it is. News from the official team site is that he's signed a three-year deal!