18 December 2021

Leeds 1-4 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

Well, we cruised to a comfortable away win over depLEEDed (haha, see what I did there. Cough. Yes, so...) courtesy of goals from Martinelli, Saka, and Smith-Rowe, with only a consolation penalty denying us a clean sheet. It was 0-3 by the 42nd minute, and from there it was really only
complacency that posed any real threat. One has to admire Bielsa's dedication; despite missing an estimated 37 first-team players, he stuck to his tactics. We really put them to the knife, and one shouldn't underestimate the value of an away win even against such an overmatched opponent. With this being the only match to take place today, we rise a little further above our rivals for the fourth spot and dare to dream the ridiculous dream of shouldering our way into third, given Chelsea's inconsistencies of late. Rather than actually doing that, though, let's focus on reality, and the reality is that we have a young, exciting squad that is still just beginning to plumb the depths of its collective potential. Let's give 'em what they deserve after today's showing!

12 December 2021

Rivals' Roundup #16: Penalties galore—for those who deserve and need them

This was a weekend of restoring order, of maintaining the Great Chain of Being. Every club knows its place; every club occupies its place; no club dare disturb the universe. So it was merely the hand of Fate that assigned match-deciding penalties in favor of Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man U. Those who allege incompetence, or worse, bias are probably the same who disbelieve soothsayers, Magic 8 Balls, and dowsing rods. Rather than tempt fate, I solemnly advise, 'tis better to accept the mysterious machinations of the universe as well as one's preordained position in it. To do otherwise would be to suggest that Prem League referees are somehow less than infallible, an allegation so heinous that my I could scarcely bring my fingers to type the phrase. A bracing shot of scotch or three did steady mine fingers. That Arsenal somehow managed to win did similarly soothe jangled nerves. On then to the roundup...