03 November 2021

How much of a concern is Conte?

So. Tottenham have hired a world-class manager (again). He's the kind who demands massive investment to upgrade the squad (again). He's apparently been promised this massive investment (again). He has a track record of short-term success (again). With the confirmation that Antonio Conte will take the reigns over at Tottenham, we'd be remiss if we didn't take a cold, hard look at what this means. After all, we ourselves are hardly shoo-ins for a top four position, and with ingenues like West Ham and Brighton doing their best Cinderella impersonations, there's not much room for those of us who aspire to finish within a furlong or four of Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City. Just how much will Conte improve our noisome neighbors? One doesn't have to climb into a rubbish bin to understand rubbish, but, in this case, exceptions must be made.

01 November 2021

Rivals' Roundup, Matchday 10: thank f*ck we're up to 6th.

Aannnnnnnnd, we're back. After last week's roundup received a reaction generally more positive than that which greets Nuno after each Spurs match, I'm pleased to announce that this roundup doesn't include just about every Prem club plus a few in the Championship as well, Such are the benefits of climbing the table. At any rate, we now have "only" seven clubs to look at (although, to be realistic, we may have to consider dropping a few from the top of the table if only because of your correspondent's crippling carpal tunnel syndrome). Off we go!

31 October 2021

Leicester 0-2 Arsenal: Post-Match Ratings & MOTM

After a confident if not entirely commanding performance, it's starting to look and feel like Arteta's project is taking shape. Although Leicester dominated the second half, created numerous chances, and were denied by several vital Ramsdalian saves, we came away with all three points and now find ourselves level with Manchester United and just three points from Manchester City. The season isn't even one-third over, though, so let's not get too worked up just yet. The season is long, and rough patches are almost inevitable. Still, the signs are encouraging. It's not easy to go into King Power, even less so with such a young squad, but we showed no fear. For now, let's enjoy where things stand without blowing them out of proportion. Here, then, with 752 votes votes, are the results of the post-match ratings poll!