02 April 2019

Celebration of the Century: Mike Dean's 100th Red Card!

I'm sure the entire Arsenal family joins me in offering a warm, heart-felt round of applause to a gentleman who has long been near and dear to our hearts, a noble man whose selfless and unbiased service to the truth and to fair play has for too long gone unacknowledged and under-appreciated. On the momentous occasion—on the achievement of a feat most said was impossible (if also undesirable—but I digress!)—let us pause to tip our caps to someone who is surely a genius ahead of his time. Ladies and gentleman, I give you none other than Mike Dean. Where is he? Mr. Dean, are you with us? Is he—no? He's not? More's the pity. Ah, well. Let's have a look at his burgeoning legacy, shall we?