02 April 2019

Celebration of the Century: Mike Dean's 100th Red Card!

I'm sure the entire Arsenal family joins me in offering a warm, heart-felt round of applause to a gentleman who has long been near and dear to our hearts, a noble man whose selfless and unbiased service to the truth and to fair play has for too long gone unacknowledged and under-appreciated. On the momentous occasion—on the achievement of a feat most said was impossible (if also undesirable—but I digress!)—let us pause to tip our caps to someone who is surely a genius ahead of his time. Ladies and gentleman, I give you none other than Mike Dean. Where is he? Mr. Dean, are you with us? Is he—no? He's not? More's the pity. Ah, well. Let's have a look at his burgeoning legacy, shall we?

10 March 2019

Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United—Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

A well-fought match saw Arsenal overtake Man U to climb to within one point of Tottenham, hotting up a top-four race that felt unimaginable a few weeks ago. A viciously swerving shot from Granit Xhaka sent David de Gea the wrong way in the 12th minute, and Alexandre Lacazette earned a penalty in the 69th minute. He deferred to Aubameyang, who also sent de Gea the wrong way to atone for his fluffed line against Tottenham last weekend. Bernd Leno delivered a strong performance as we kept a clean sheet for the second time in five Prem outings (hey, that's progress!). Not even Jon Moss could stop us on this day. Right. Let's get down to the poll to rate the lads!