19 April 2018

Atlético, Atleti, away!

Well, well, well. It appears as if the indomitable, invincible, insurmountable Atlético Madrid are not quite as in-_______ as reports would have you believe. Visiting Real Sociedad on Thursday, they suffered their heaviest defeat of the season, a 3-0 undressing that suggests, if nothing else, that our Europa League semifinal rivals are beatable. If we can do to them in this first leg what Real Sociedad has just done, maybe—just maybe—we can withstand whatever onslaught they'll mount in the second. There is no hubris here, no false optimism, only rational realism. Even as our own league form has dipped, we have to remind ourselves that we are marshaling resources (putting all of our eggs in one basket) and focusing on winning the Europa League. Real Sociedad has offered us an invitation, a dare, if you will, to at least get to the final.

15 April 2018

Newcastle 2:1 Arsenal—Vote for Player-Ratings & MOTM.

Arsenal took an early lead through a well-worked goal from Lacazette, courtesy of a nifty little cross from Aubameyang, and early signs indicated that Arsenal would finally find its first away points of 2018. Alas, Newcastle stormed back and always looked the livelier. We've now conceded 46 goals, equal to 17th-placed Swansea, and have committed more errors leading to goals (15) than any other club. We can forget any chance of catching Chelsea and now have to look nervously over our shoulders at Burnley, just two points behind and in fine form. Of course, we've essentially written off the Prem, but that cannot excuse this kind of result. Sorry, shouldn't be skewing poll numbers, should I? The less said, the better, then. Down to the poll...