28 October 2017

Arsenal 2-1 Swansea—vote for player-ratings/MOTM!

Arsenal dominated most of the first half only to see Swansea's Clucas score on a counter, and it looked like Swansea's defensive set-up would be enough to keep the clean sheet. However, we came storming out of halftime with two goals, as Kolašinac scored during a scramble and then assisted Ramsey moments later. There was a ten-to-fifteen minute stretch there during which it looked like Arsenal would blow the game wide-open. In the end, though, things settled down into a comfortable rhythm, more or less, or Swansea never really rose to the occasion after that. It's three points in the bag against a club we've struggled to beat in the past, and it's enough to see us climb into the top four, if only temporarily. Good enough for now. Let's get down to the poll to rate the lads!

27 October 2017

Arsenal vs. Swansea: cakewalk or banana-peel?

Swansea. They've been a bit of a banana-peel over the years, one of those squads that we really should do better against than we have since they were promoted in 2011. However, they've frequently given just as good as (if not better than) they've gotten, even going so far as to win at the Emirates in two of their last three visits. As such, we'd do well to look past their recent form and focus on our own, which, Everton not withstanding, has hardly inspired confidence.

23 October 2017

Wengerball, revived—this time, with actual purpose!

Finally. For the first time in this tumultuous, topsy-turvy campaign, we finally went out and absolutely battered an opponent. Yes, yes, there are the small matters of allowing Rooney to score—although, let's face facts: that has more to do with being polite to our hosts than anything else. It would be rude of us to say the least to arrive at Goodison Park so soon after Rooney deigned to return there himself without letting him score. There are social niceties to uphold, after all. Good on him for reminding Evertonians of what might have been had he not bolted at the first chance. I will say though that we were more than a bit generous in gifting a second late one. That almost takes a bit too far, akin to being invited to dinner only to stay long enough to do the dishes and walk the dog. So be it. Arsenal finally found a way to thrash someone.

22 October 2017

Everton 2-5 Arsenal—Vote for Player Ratings/MOTM!

Arch-nemesis Wayne Rooney scored just 12 minutes in—his 15th against Arsenal, most against any club—and it was starting to feel like we'd again dominate possession and pass it about without ever really finishing a sequence. All of our shots, it seemed, were straight at Pickford, until, finally, Nacho Monreal lashed in a rebound from close range. This seemed to take the air out of Koeman's side, and shortly after halftime, Alexis found Özil gliding into the box. After having created a half-dozen chances for others, Özil glanced his header past Pickford to make it 1-2. Referee Craig Pawson finally saw fit to send Gana off after a series of late tackles, and that's where the wheels came off. Lacazette and Ramsey scored nifty goals to just about kill it off. A sloppy late goal for Everton offered small consolation for the hosts, but Alexis sliced one more in to leave no doubt. Let's get down to the poll!