30 December 2016

From Pulis to Pardew to this plonker, is Palace takin' the piss?

Arsenal have staggered towards the New Year with all of the aplomb and grace of a over-served reveler, losing twice by 2-1 scorelines before finally finding a way past West Brom's parked bus in the waning minutes—long gone, it seems, is the swagger that saw us go undefeated across 20 previous matches (sorry, League Cup; in fairness, though, I also overlooked two wins in the competition to prove my point). Then again, the Baggies' visit opened a string of fixtures from which we simply must and really should take all the points on offer. Enter Crystal Palace.

26 December 2016

Arsenal 1-0 West Brom: Giroud smashes Pulis's parked-bus!

West Brom enjoyed nearly 86 minutes of success, filling the box with as many defenders as could fit, and Ben Foster dilly-dallied all day long, but all of that success was shattered when Olivier Giroud, despite being mugged while doing so, headed over Foster from a beautiful cross from Özil. Foster had made some brilliant saves but couldn't quite get fingers to this one. Alexis was denied numerous times, once striking the woodwork, but all of the frustration from the last few weeks were forgotten. It wasn't pretty, but it's a vital three points as we look at a softer stretch of fixtures coming up. Check out the highlights below, and savor those points!