28 November 2015

Norwich vs. Arsenal: can the Gunners unlock the Canaries' defense?

A dominant performance against Dinamo Zagreb should send Arsenal into Carrow Road full of confidence and purpose, determined to bury memories of our last match away from the Emirates. However, Norwich, despite their precarious perch just above relegation, have shown grit in recent weeks, losing narrowly to Chelsea and Man City, the latter needing a last-minute penalty to overcome Alex Neil's boys. Worse, it seems as if Neil has a plan for facing the league's big boys...

27 November 2015

The Campbell that ate the Canary...

There's tantalizing news ahead of our Sunday clash with Norwich, what with the availability of first-team regulars such as Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey dangled in front of us, each of them now available after long injury-spells. Naturally, the mind turns to those who have featured and fascinated, especially Ramsey, who has delivered some scintillating moments against the Canaries in recent seasons. However, given this and future fixtures, I'm looking to Joel Campbell to electrify us. Fresh off of a confident performance on Tuesday against Dinamo Zagreb, he's well-positioned to eviscerate Norwich.

26 November 2015

Dinamo offer Arsenal a template for blitzing opponents...

On the back of a 3-0 win we sorely needed, if only to resurrect some confidence, it's well worth noticing some take-aways that should prove useful going forward. We have on paper a softer string of fixtures coming—at Norwich, Sunderland, at Olympiacos, and at Aston Villa—and this should offer us a chance to rest a few key players here and there while practicing an approach that delivered such dynamic results against Dinamo Zagreb, namely counter-attacking football and high pressing. Over the years, we've grown accustomed to Arsenal dominating possession but to little effect, nibbling around the edges of an opponent's area. Against Dinamo on Tuesday, as against other, "superior" opponents, we saw a cagier, more-lethal Arsenal attack.

24 November 2015

Arsenal 3-0 Dinamo: Vote for Player Ratings and MotM!

Arsenal roared back to life, firing past Dinamo Zagreb thanks to first-half goals from Alexis and Özil, to which Alexis
added a second in the second half. It was the kind of dominating performance we should have seen in the first leg (so to speak) but one that at least revives our hopes of finishing second. We now have a firm inside track on third place and Europa League contention. More on that later. For now, savor the result and the glimpse of how good we can be when we put our collective hearts and minds to the task. Give our lads what they deserve in the poll below!

23 November 2015

Arsenal need a 2-1 win...or it could be Europa League for us!

The current attitude among many Gooners is about as angry as it's been in a while, and Tuesday could inflame those feelings even further. Anything short of a smashing win over Dinamo Zagreb—paired with a Bayern win over Olympiacos—ends our Champions League campaign before the Group Stage has even played out. We've been on tenter-hooks before, of course, but those were "Group of Death" level situations involving Borussia Dortmund and Napoli. Dinamo and Olympiacos are not cut from the same cloth, and yet they've caused us to rend garments all the same. Our back are up against it, no doubt about it.

22 November 2015

If that's what it takes to defeat Arsenal, we'll win the Prem...

So. Arsenal lost. All it took was an injury to a key player, two flukey goals, and a cowardly performance from the referee. We went into the Hawthorns with good reason to believe that we could and indeed should emerge victorious, and early returns confirmed as much. A 28th-minute goal from Giroud (assisted, as if it needs be mentioned, by Özil) looked to pave the way for the foregone conclusion. However, preceding that, we'd lost Coquelin, and it was from there that things unraveled. This then is the apparent recipe for defeating the Arsenal: look for an injury or two, count on the referee to offer a favorable call, and ride your luck 'til the end. To that I say, is that your best? Is this the best you can do? Foul deeds, indeed. We'll rise above, you can count on that.