11 November 2015

Is Arsenal home to the best #10 in the world?

With an international break upon us, we can step back from preparing for and then dissecting matches and take a look at the bigger picture. Even as we've been ravaged by injuries, one of the brightest spots has been the play of Mesut Özil, who has now delivered assists in six consecutive Prem matches, an historic feat, and has twice as many assists as the next most-generous man. Does this make Özil the best #10 in England? Almost certainly. Does it make him the best #10 in Europe? Probably. What's scary, though, is that he's not even scratching the surface of his talents.

10 November 2015

Podcast: Let's talk Bayern, Spurs, and the international break

We return with another podcast appearance with Arsenal Review USA to discuss the post-Bayern hangover, our struggles with Tottenham's high-press, injury woes, and the welcomed arrival of the international break. If there's a silver lining to it all, it comes from Man City dropping points (somehow) to Aston Villa, Chelsea losing again, and the fact that most of our players will avoid international duty (well, except Alexis...). Not silver lining enough? Tune in to hear your correspondent's dulcet, velvety voice as he discusses the week that was...

What's the NLD draw mean for Arsenal's title-tilt (with a bit of gloating over Mourinho...)?

It was very nearly the best of times as Manchester City drew at Villa Park, Man U
struggled to get past West Brom, Chelsea lost away to Stoke, and Liverpool lost at home to Palace...but we had to go and draw with Tottenham. Sigh. We squandered a golden chance at rising to the top of the table, even if only for a few weeks. Did I mention that Chelsea lost? I did? Sorry. This old codger's mind does wander...

08 November 2015

A point earned or two dropped? Ask Manchester City.

Well, that was frustrating to watch. Coming into Sunday's derby, we knew that Manchester City had been held at Villa Park and that we had a golden chance at pulling ahead of them, if only for a few weeks. Instead, we sleep-walked through most of the first half while Tottenham pressed up the pitch, coming alive perhaps only as a result of Tottenham's tired legs in the second half. If those Spuds find the fitness they'd need to keep pressing, or if Pochettino figures out how to defend a lead, they're going to start inching up the table. For now, though, let's review how we ended up dropping two points at home to a hated rival...

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham: Vote for Player Ratings/MotM

A pulsing North London derby saw Harry Kane open the scoring in the 31st minute, and it stood for almost an hour until
 Kieran Gibbs, having come on to replace Joel Campbell, bundled it past Lloris to equalise. Tottenham come away with a point but will have to feel disappointed after being the better team for long stretches. Three minutes of stoppage-time were not enough to offer either club a way through, and the argument over what color London is ends in a stalemate. Give our lads what they deserve in the poll below...

Alexis? Alexis Sanchez, where are you?

There's nothing quite like a North London Derby to rinse away the bitter dregs of a midweek Champions League loss, and while we've been licking our wounds, Tottenham come in fresh on the heels of a 2-1 win over Anderlecht on Thursday, meaning they've lost just three matches all season and just one in the Prem. They've quietly kept close on our heels and look more-organised than they ever have in recent memory. Will that be enough to enable Spurs to escape with a point? That might be Pochettino's plan.