05 October 2015

Walcott lays waste to Man U; is he the striker we've pined for?

No, he didn't score any goals in the 3-0 blitzing of Man U, but it's getting harder and harder to resist the notion that Theo Walcott can in fact lead the line. He delivered two assists, one to Özil and the other to Alexis, marking the fifth time in six starts that he's had in hand in Arsenal goals. Playing as our centre-forward, he's now claimed four goals and three assists against Stoke, Dinamo Zagreb, Olympiacos, Leicester, and Man U. I'll be first in line to admit that I've had my doubts about Theo through the middle, but he's laying waste to those doubts almost as quickly as he's laid waste to opposing defenses. The scary part of this is that he's still figuring out how best to play the role.

04 October 2015

Arsenal 3-0 Man U: Vote for Player-Ratings/MotM!

Arsenal roared back to life in resounding fashion on Sunday, tearing Man U open twice inside of a
minute before the match was ten minutes hold. lexis Sánchez opened the scoring with a cheeky heel-flick, and the celebration was still going as Özil added the second moments later. Things slowed down a bit, and we had to wait all of about twelve minutes before Alexis scored his second to make it 3-0. Man U threatened but were outclassed in just about every area and, if anything, were lucky to go into halftime down just three.The result is a stirring reminder of what we're capable of and a suggestion that the preceding days ofr gloom and pessimism may have been a bit of an overreaction. It's not that all of our flaws and weaknesses have been magically vanquished, just that we're capable of being better than we've been. Enough pontificating. Get down to the poll and give our lads what they deserve!

Open Letter to Manchester United

What happened to us? By "us", I mean both clubs. While it's true that you've had a bit more success than we've had in the Prem, I think we'd both agree that neither one of us has lived up to our historic reputations. Even if we at our end admit that you won the Prem in 2013, there's got to be a bit of soul-searching around our current status. If anyone among us could locate Liverpool, we could put our heads together and wrap minds around what's become of the Prem.