08 August 2015

Arsenal set to ride this Frenchman's nose for goal to the top of the Prem...

Okay, so, no. Benzemania is not a thing or a meme yet. Maybe it will rise to that level; only time will tell. For now, we might have to settle, such as it were, for the humble services of Olivier Giroud, he who has never had the chance to pad his statistics while playing for Real Madrid but who has frequently bested Benzema for France. Put simply, we're unlikely to see any major signings between now and the opener against West Ham on Sunday.. Why not kick back, relax, and enjoy what we do have instead of worrying over what we might someday have?


07 August 2015

Odds of Arsenal signing Benzema DOUBLE since Wednesday...signed by Monday?

When we last checked in on the saga, the odds of Arsenal signing Karim Benzema stood at 5/2, suggesting that a bettor could earn £500 on a £200 stake. Not bad. Not bad at all—if you're looking to earn a few quid on something of a long shot. However, if you're a Gooner with a penchant for improving the squad, you'd want to see what we're seeing: a much lower return on one's stake. As it currently stands, the odds of Benzema have doubled, cutting in half one's winnings. At 5/4, you would earn £500 on a £400 stake, something approaching even-money. In other words, at this rate, we'll have signed Benzema by call of business on Friday.

04 August 2015

Odds of Arsenal signing Benzema now at 5/2...

With less than four weeks left in the transfer-window, the hypetrain is only going to pick up speed. Our win over Chelsea in the Community Shield is bound to add more momentum; Arsenal are now direct rivals to Chelsea's hegemony in the Prem. With that thirteen-match hoodoo slain, it's only natural that the rumours will fly. The latest news has us about to sign Karim Benzema—finally—for a transfer-fee of around £46m. Rafa Benítez has been sounding less and less confident of Benzema's staying, saying "I think" he will stay at Real and he will "hopefully" stay. SkyBet pegs the odds of Benzema to Arsenal at 5/2, still a bit of a long shot, but one worth watching...

03 August 2015

Be careful, Arsenal, what you wish for—you just might get it from Chelsea in the long run...

A 24th-minute strike was enough to see Arsenal win the Community Shield for a second consecutive season, and while the result wasn't as surprising as last season's 3-0 thrashing of Man City, it's still a momentous one for Arsenal. As we all know, Arsène hadn't beaten Chelsea under Mourinho in thirteen previous outings. A season ago, after that stirring win over City, we took four points from two matches against them, including a convincing 0-2 win at the Etihad. Could this win over Chelsea unlock a similar change in our fortunes? Last season, we managed just one point against them. The confidence we've earned going forward could be incalculable. Then again, while we've won the Community Shield, we have to wonder, have we slain a giant or awoken one?

02 August 2015

An Open Letter to Chelsea and José Mourinho

Dear José and various Chav$kis—
I gotta hand it to you. You've won this thing before a minute of football has even been played. No matter the actual outcome, you've got the inside angle on winning. If Chelsea win, of course, the story is simple: Arsène continues to be a specialist in failure. If Arsenal win, however much this complicates the plot, you can dismiss it in your snide, sneering self-serving way. It's only the Community Shield, after all. No one takes it seriously anymore—that is, if anyone ever did take it seriously in the first place. Yep. That's right. You and Chelsea are in the enviable no-risk position of going into a match whose outcome means nothing. Do whatever you want. Win, lose, it doesn't matter. And yet...