26 June 2015

From Seaman to Čech, Arsenal finally have a world-class keeper again...

Our guest-writer for today is Ryan Worthy, a university student majoring in broadcast journalism who will be studying at Oxford this fall. In his own words, he's done "some pretty stupid things" to support Arsenal. Haven't we all. At any rate, here's his take on the slowly unfolding Čech-saga. Take it way, Ryan!

While it appears Arsenal have been "one or two days away" from officially signing Petr Čech for the last two weeks, a deal for one of the world's best goalkeepers in the world seems to be all but finished. Pundits, former players, journalists, and common logic are all in agreement that signing the Chelsea keeper is a massive statement for Arsenal's genuine title challenge next season. But why? Most of the media claims that Arsenal are signing a world-class goalkeeper, something the club has arguably not had since Jens Lehmann (or, more notably, David Seaman). Although this is a true declaration, the signing of Čech really instills the one intangible quality that has been absent for far too long: he is a winner.

25 June 2015

Vidal and Schneiderlin and Čech, oh my! Whom will Arsenal sign?

Your guess is as good as mine. Whether you fall for the latest clickbait or peruse the next "top five targets Arsenal MUST sign" article, we're in for another two months of rumour-mongering, during which time we can expect to see any number of headlines linking this club to who knows how many different players. It's flattering, in a way, to realise that various news outlets see that one of their biggest sources of revenue comes from mentioning Arsenal with a "French midfielder" or a "£37m transfer-target". More exciting, though, is your chance at deciding whom we'll sign. Pull the lever on this l'il slot machine and win big on Arsenal's next signing!

24 June 2015

Morgan Schneiderlin will complete a transfer in "coming days"...

In his own words, Morgan Schneiderlin has claimed that he will complete a move away from Southampton in the next few days. Before delving into it, let's offer his own word. Speaking to France Bleu, Schneiderlin had this to say:
The negotiations are ongoing and should be completed in the coming days, hopefully before the resumption of training next week.
Tantalising stuff, that. Apparently, the man is ready to leave Southampton. Given his prior claims to Champions League football, there are only four Prem clubs he could join: Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal. Maybe Man U. Without jinxing it, most of the signs point towards Arsenal. Could we be poised to land both him and Čech before the end of June?

23 June 2015

Čech CONFIRMED as Arsenal ROCK Chelsea's title hopes

Petr Čech has been all but confirmed at Arsenal, with SkySports reporting that a £10.9m fee has been agreed, "sources say," which almost certainly refers to a reporter who interviewed this one guy who was talking to a taxi-driver whose brother's nephew once played for the Academy has this sister whose hairdresser's uncle was in a pub and overheard the words "Čech," "fee," and "agreed." On a more serious note, it looks to be a cash-only deal, meaning that we won't be parting with any players, homegrown or otherwise, to appease Mourinho. That's right. It appears that Arsène may have finally out-manoeuvred Mourinho, if only off the pitch. Whether that carries onto the pitch remains to be seen.

22 June 2015

Arsenal to bid £28.7m for Aubameyang...

If nothing else, Arsenal are finally being linked with a striker. No, it's not Cavani or Higuaín or Benzema, but it is a striker who has scored at the Emirates: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. According to the German newspaper Bild, we've made a bid of some £28.7m for the French striker/winger. With Borussia Dortmund in a tailspin, we might have pinned a few hopes to Marco Reus, but I doubt that many of us would turn up our noses at Aubameyang, who did after all lead the club in goals (16) and assists (6). To be fair, Reus was hot on his heels despite making far-fewer appearances. Reus, however, is valued in the much-loftier realm of £50m and is already being wooed by Real Madrid. Aubameyang might not sound quite as sexy, but he might just fit our needs (and budget) far-better...

21 June 2015

Čech's in the mail, a "Vidal" move, and other Arsenal news...

The silly season continues to do what it always does, tempting and teasing us with half-truths and full-blown lies on equal offer. With some 70 days left before the window closes, there's a lot of hot air swirling around. I won't torture the weather-metaphor any further than that. Suffice it to say that there's a whole lot of conversation and not much action. Whether it's the ongoing saga of Petr Čech's "imminent" arrival or the apparent closure of Kondogbia's deal with Inter, let's have a quick look at where things stand with some of our most-coveted targets, shall we?