20 June 2015

Rosický advises Čech on what to expect at Arsenal

PRAGUE, Czech Republic—the members of the Nároďák were cooling down after an intense workout, the disappointment of a 2-1 loss to Iceland a week before still lingering in the air. Tomáš Rosický was exhausted, but that is nothing new for the Czech captain, who leaves it all on the field. The loss to Iceland marked his 100th cap but leaves the Czech Republic sitting three points above the Netherlands in Group A with two matches to play. Sitting nearby was Petr Čech, who eyed his comrade respectfully. "We have been through so much already together, "Čech thought to himself. "What will it be like to play for the same club?"

18 June 2015

Real Madrid's rapaciousness is to Arsenal's advantage...again

While our attention has been occupied by the Petr Čech saga, there are doings a-transpiring further afield that could cause ripples far-more meaningful than what's happening a kilometres away. I'm speaking Real Madrid's insatiable quest for galácticos. Having finished behind Barça yet again, they've been heavily linked with David de Gea, Raheem Sterling, Paul Pogba, and Sergio Agüero, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them land at least two of those players for a combined sum of £80m, if not more. Now, even a club like Real Madrid has to at least pretend to abide by something resembling a facsimile of FFP. Much as they've in the past two summer, unloading Mesut Özil and Ángel di María, they might be forced to sell galácticos whose stars have apparently faded.

Ospina to Fener, Roberts to Swansea= Čech to Arsenal?

A game of musical chairs seems to have opened up with stories circulating of David Ospina being sold for £3.9m to Turkish side Fenerbahçe, which would leave us with just one experienced keeper in the first team (sorry, Emi). A parallel story sees Academy coach Tony Roberts leaving for Swansea, rejoining Łukasz Fabiański. The openings that these moves create might then both be filled in by the arrival of Chelsea's goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon and Petr Čech. While none of this is confirmed, it makes for a whirlwind early in the window that augurs well for our ambitions giong forward.

17 June 2015

Arsenal AGREE £14m deal for Čech. Who's next?

Okay, so the title is a bit clickbait-ish. Nothing's official until it appears at the club's website, but the rumours are gathering strength. Most of the bookies have closed down betting on the move, with only skybet still taking bets, and that at 1/12. Rumours of a move to PSG seem to have been scotched, and so it seems that the want-way keeper could end up at Arsenal. We're likely see a surge in lurid headlines that feature words in all-capital letters like EXCLUSIVE and SHOCKING and so on (similar to my own, I must admit). Whether there's fire with all of that smoke remains to be seen.

£22m for Kondogbia, Vieira's heir-apparent? Bring it on!

Reports have Arsène meeting with officials from AS Monaco as an attempt at signing Geoffrey Kondogbia for £22m with plenty of circumstantial connections lending the rumour legitimacy. Arsène's own time at the club (1987-1994), our Champions League defeat at their hands, even the player's ostensible similarities to a certain Senegalese defender whose heir we've pined for lo these many years. French. Burly. Athletic. Shields the defense. Combative. More important than that, though, if it's true that he could be had for £22m, we should go for him.

16 June 2015

Lebewohl, Lukas. Could Podolski's departure open the door to Draxler?

Amid reports that Lukas Podolski has been sold to Galatasaray for some £1.4m, potentially clearing his £100,000 weekly wage from Arsenal's books, minds wander to whom we might sign to shore up that left side, where we don't have many "true" options other than playing someone out of position (Aaron? Fancy a run-out on the left?), another German comes to mind, one we haven't flirted with since January 2014: Julian Draxler. The pacey left-winger might be available, with a release-clause of some £34m, not outrageous and well within our wheelhouse.

14 June 2015

Should Arsenal sign Čech, if only to tweak Mourinho?

Let's be honest with ourselves, shall we? Ask yourself: how much of my interest in signing Petr Čech is strategic, and how much of it is borne out of pure spite? In other words, do we really need Čech for what he'd bring to the club, or are we only after him to wreak some kind of revenge on Mourinho? Don't get me wrong; each of those reasons is noble in its own right.
     "I make him better, Mourinho-dinck suffers?"
     "Humiliations galore."
     "That is a noble cause."
After all, our own Wojciech Szczęsny has failed to inspire much confidence, faltering to the point that the unproven but much-more stable David Ospina relegated him to the bench—much as Fabiański did a year ago—this time, though, Szczęsny couldn't or wouldn't reclaim his "rightful" place. Enter Čech...