13 June 2015

Raheem Sterling, Wilfried Bony, and Arsène's sloppy seconds...

With only 78 days left before the transfer-window closes, one might be feeling a bit antsy about Arsenal's ambitions. At times like these it truly feels that Arsène is fiddling while the Emirates burns to the gronud. At other, more-sensible times, saner heads prevail and we realize that 78 days is quite a long time, time enough for a club like Arsenal to do a bit of shopping. I'm hardly suggesting that we dawdle and wait until deadline-day before making any inquiries, but there is a balance to be struck between appearing overly eager and twiddling one's thumbs. With an eye to recent windows, then, I wonder if we'll see Arsène pounce on a player after his club moves for someone else, much like he did when signing Mesut Özil as Real Madrid signed Bale and again when signing Alexis as Barça signed Suárez. With Raheem Sterling touted as the striker du jour, could we again see Arsène scoop up a player made available to finance Sterling's transfer?

12 June 2015

Alexis Sánchez, Uncovered

Bit of a slow news week unless you're the gullible type who enjoys clickbait. Instead of speculating on what "might" happen or the latest SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE, let's indulge in something that has happened and that has already brought us immense entertainment value: the life and upbringing of Alexis Sánchez, who has already played his way into Gooners' hearts after a scintillating season. Sit back, relax, and enjoy...

09 June 2015

The Silly Season heats up: does anyone know what they're saying?

With the silly season upon us, we will have to gird our loins and steel our nerves against an onslaught of stories, fueled by our own ambition and stoked even further by our FA Cup success and brush with second place. With no less an authority than 'Arry Redknapp attesting to our Prem title ambitions, the usual flurry of folderol has already started flying. Does anyone outside of the club actually know what they're talking about? Below, I present to you some statistical-ish breakdowns of the major rumour-mongers. Who's making a meal of it, and who's letting actions speak louder than words?

08 June 2015

Czech Čech to sign cheque to check Chelsea's cheek?

Okay, so the yellow journalism has its limits. Still, there are open and legitimate questions round Petr Čech's future at Chelsea after a season spent on the bench behind Thibaut Courtois after making 470 appearances for Chelsea over a decade of service, Čech saw his appearances cut down to just 15 in 2014-15. It's no wonder that the man who nearly lost his life on the pitch might feel like he's no longer respected or valued by a club that seems voraciously on the prowl for its next bit of chum. With his Chelsea career all but over, is there a chance we'll see him switch to Arsenal in order to stay in the Prem and in London as well?

07 June 2015

To Arsenal go the spoils of the Champions League: Pogba or Vidal?

So, Barcelona have again the Champions League. Good for them. It must be as thrilling as cheering for gravity or the wetness of water. Having now won it three times in seven years, Barça might feel a bit glutted, if jaded, not that this diminishes the impressiveness of the feat. At a risk if sounding a bit envious, it might be nice if we at Arsenal would stop selling them players who go on to win doubles or, in Vermaelen's case, a treble. Speaking of Vermaelen, we apparently inserted a clause into his contract that would pay us some £3m should Barça win the Champions League. Well, they did. Whether that clause bears fruit is another question. Whether we should care is still another.