10 February 2015

Let's all laugh at Spurs, Volume Infinity.

Well, well, well. Just when it seemed like we'd entered another downward spiral and it would be an ascendant Spurs team that finally seized a fourth-place finish, the long arc of history bends backs towards the right side and hue of London. Barely 80 hours or so after Tottenham found a way to win, they'd already squandered the slender, precious lead that win had built, stumbling to defeat at Anfield whilst we waltzed our way to victory. In the process, we've climbed to fourth (while we wait the results for Man U and Southampton) while Tottenham sink to sixth, with Liverpool just a point below. Not to overlook Leicester, who battled bravely, but there are bigger fish to fry.

From our point of view, we have to feel at once relieved and enraged as we barely emerged from a tough scrape against a stubborn side fielding five defenders and daring us to score. Score we did, though with fine first half goals from Koscielny and Walcott—however, it was not the sizzling response to the North London Derby loss we might have craved, not with us seeing the tantalizing sight of Walcott, Alexis, and Özil together for the first time ever. In a storyline almost as ageless as Arsenal itself, the Foxes rattled us figuratively and literally, daring referee Mike Jones to book someone, anyone, but it was a dare he refused to take.

Both sides had their chances, and, truth be told, we again owe Ospina for making some fine saves to deny shots that our defense should not have conceded. Against a side with more-clinical players, we might have suffered an altogether different result. New signing Andrej Kramarić tested Ospina on several occasions and has to rue the chances missed on a day when his new club might have come away with a well-deserved point. Still, we've escaped, and we've already set the universe, which was unmoored, back in its proper place. I had prepared to remind us all that, the last time we lost at White Hart Lane, we scratched and clawed our way back from a seven-point deficit in ten matches over nearly three months. This time through, we overtook Spurs after just three days. Heck, for those with a keen eye for irony, the last time Spurs beat us at White Hart Lane, these capons laid an egg almost identical to this one: losing 3-2 at Anfield. In both matches, the winning goal came in the 82nd minute. Both matches included a spot-kick goal from Gerrard. Heck, both matches included a goal by the Prem's most-volatile player (Suarez then, Balotelli now).

Whichever way we slice it, the cake is just too ironically delicious to pass up. Yes, there are still 13 matches to be played, and Wednesday might end with both Southampton and Man U above us. However, this three-day sequence offers a welcome reminder that the Prem season is 38 matches long, and the impact of any one match will usually be exaggerated in the short-term. In an ideal world, of course, we would have won at White Hart Lane. Then again, I hope it's not heretical to suggest that losing to Tottenham but finishing above them—again—is not an altogether bad trade. Would you rather experience the alternative—defeating Spurs but seeing them finish above us?

Back to the match itself, we might have some injury-concerns with Alexis, who took a kick to the knee, and Ramsey, who picked up a knock after only 9 minutes of action. Let's hope those niggles don't persist for too long. Elsewhere, Bellerin turned in another less-than-average performance, alternating between getting way too high up the pitch to get back or playing too close to Mertesacker to defend the wing. He's just a kid, and it does make sense to give him time on the pitch against sides like Leicester to help him develop (no offense, Foxes). Coquelin did his best as the only "true" defensive midfielder on the pitch, with the much-more forward-thinking Cazorla and Rosický playing more like wingers than midfielders. While we didn't dominate to the extent that we might have hoped, we did enough to claim three points, and that will have to do for now.

We have an FA Cup-tie against Middlesbrough to prepare for, and a tough win over Leicester, just one position above them at the moment, does just enough to settle our stomachs but sharpen our nerves for that fray.


  1. it wasn't very good and we're lucky to come out on top, but any chance you get to take 3 points, you take it and worry about the method later. Ends justify means. I wouldve preferred a draw between Scousers and Spuds even if that would remove the taunting, they're both still just points behind us and Liverpool are gathering strength with Sturridge back. Still, we're 4th for at least a day. Let's hope Song and Jenkinson prove their Gunner creds and Burnley make life even more difficult for Man U than Leicester did for us.

  2. The taunting will continue because us Spuds ( so witty you mob) are a better side and went for it last night and played really well last and there is a lot of points to play for. If not this season then next the breakthrough will happen so I woukdnt get too excited about scraping a win against the bottom club in the league and gloating about other teams beating Spurs. NLIO's

  3. Gloating from Arsenal fans. Always true to form. It's called a Gatting, whose brother ironically played for Arsenal. Speaking to a Pakistani umpire he said " one rule for one, and one for another" kindly note that I didn't stoop to your level and always referred to you as Arsenal. A proud "Spud" as you so charmingly refer to my club.

  4. A better team? Well, you are much deluded are you not. I think the problem is emotional.

    Let me put you right here son. Rather than subjective splurge, let's have some objective facts, shall we.

    Arsenal: 4th place: 47 goals scored: 28 against SUPERIOR
    Totts: 6th place 39 goals scored: 34 against INFERIOR

    Arsenal: 6 losses SUPERIOR

    Totts: 8 losses INFERIOR

    Alexis (Striker/Arsenal 12 goals, 7 assists, chances created 58, shot accuracy 65% SUPERIOR
    Harry Kane (Striker/Arsenal) 13 goals, 4 assists, chances created 17, Shot accuracy 59% INFERIOR

    Cazorla (Midfield/Arsenal) 6 goals, 7 assists, chances created 57, shot accuracy 55%, passing accuracy 88%, SUPERIOR

    Erikson (Midfield/Totts) 9 goals, 1 assist, chances created 58, shot accuracy 50%, INFERIOR

    The stats are like that throughout the entire team, Arsenal come out superior. So it's obvious your opinion is based on emotion. You hate us, you hate our constant superiority and the fact that you have finished below us in the league for twenty years.

    So, you cling to these little victories and use them as a chance to delude yourself into thinking you might surpass us, and use it as a weapon against us, but it only lasts until your next loss, then the truth is revealed again. Facts are facts, you are inferior.

    If you really have to cling to a distant hope that you might finish above us (everything is might in the future), then it just goes to show how crappy the present is for you, eh?

    You'll find an excuse to put down our achievements like:

    You make champs league but never get past the knockout stages. (You made it once)

    You beat Man City but they were weakened. (Man city crushed you 4 - 1)

    You thrashed Aston Villa but they are shit (you scraped 1-2)

    As you can see, delusion. It sucks being a Spurs supporter doesn't it?

  5. Round of applause for Mr stat man. Fag

  6. Great to be back in the fray; Southampton are still above us after that win, though; however, there are still games to come for them where they can crumble. Ramsey's injury looks to be a serious one, judging by his expression. He could be out for more than 3 weeks.

  7. Laugh at the team that convincingly beat you a few days ago, I see you guys scraped a win last night....hahah

  8. Congratulations on grabbing the Champions Lesgue sp...oh wait, the season hasn't finished yet. Sorry, I thought the way you opened your 'article' meant that it's all over. We narrowly lost to a team that wanted to win as much as we did also battling for a top European place, whereas Woolwich Wanderers NARROWLY beat a team who are languishing in the relegation zone.

    Hardly a convincing argument on your part, is it? It may be a good idea not to count your chickens and wait until the end of the season before passing judgment.

    And one last thing....Saturday 7th February, 2015 - Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1. Just let that sink in...

  9. You are an idiot. Arsenal played with stupid negative tactics and lost after leading 1-0. Yet you want to laugh at Spurs. Spurs played well away from home against a team we struggled with recently, and even though I did not want the Arsenal game, by all means it seems like they were hanging on. So carry on laughing at Spurs. We will slowly carry on with what we need to do.

  10. What a sad, sad life you must have to spend all your time quoting meaningless statistics to try and put over your point. One simple fact for you, Spurs have taken 4 points out of 6 against Arsenal this season and, like it or not, Spurs thoroughly deserved their 2-1 victory over your team last weekend, even Mr Wenger agreed.

  11. when is the dvd out? Surely cnt be long now. U mean u guys expect a bigger highlight than ur 2-1 victory? Oh dear.

  12. 17 or 18 or 19 years running. I dont keep track of minor things like that. however messed up we are, we always finish above you lot . I think that entitles us to some chicken before hatch counting

  13. Cheers Jonesy! :)

    And John J. "meaningless"? You are having a laugh mate. Statistics are never meaningless, they are everything. It's "opinions" that are often meaningless.

    Also, are you forgetting that you were completely outplayed by Arsenal at the Ems this season and lucky to scrape a draw? 69% possession for arse, 16 shots and 544 passes to your 201?

    We took 6 points off you last season and used you as a stepping stone on the way to the F.A. Cup last season!!!

    And I agree that Spurs "thoroughly" deserved their victory on the weekend. They were great, we were poo. As seen at the Ems this year when you guys were afraid to pass the ball, some days it doesn't click or the focus isn't there.

    Spurs are a good side but don't start thinking they are superior to Arsenal, not again, not after all the false dawns and dashed hopes eh. Do yourselves a favor and be realistic.

    You'll get 5th place, behind Liverpool and Arsenal, Lose Harry Kane to Real Madrid for 50 million, blow 100 million on crap and say you're better than us...and then?

    Well we know what happens then, don't we.

  14. Jonesy's comment was deleted for mindless homophobic content.

  15. Spurs may must live with the fact that they are the first (and maybe, before it ends, only club) to allow "Super???" Mario to score a goal against them. Will there be a jersey or a Tee celebrating that event?

  16. I hope that tomorrow's blog will get off the Spurs topic and move on to Ramsey and whether or not, during the January transfer period, Arsene should have been seeking someone to replace or not augment the midfield unless, of course, he still thinks Jack and Aaron are the answer and that Flamini still has the legs to play well enough for another year. Weren't there a few decent players available given that everyone is somewhat dubious about Jack the Chimney, let alone Ramsey. By the way, have there been any Diaby sightings?

  17. touched a few nerves hahah Well done!

  18. That's all well and good. But for this season, North London is White. History is history mate. The present is the present. And in the present time, we are superior because the fact is we have won 4 out of 6 points in the 2 games we have competed in and you have garnered 1 point from those two encounters. Those are the facts and they are indisputable.

  19. Once again, I see you have a need to refer to history reciting last season's statistics and the game played earlier at the Emirates this season and it's all well and good, but since you are so fact-based, as I reminded you in a comment above mate, the facts for this season are these: Spurs 4 points out of 6 (1W/1D) and Arsenal 1 point out of 6 (1D/1L) for the two encounters between our respective teams. North London for this season is White. The rest is all nonsense. To regain North London bragging rights, you will have to wait until next season and on the merits of the facts (points earned in the two games we compete in), you will either be able to regain bragging rights or not. The facts as you are so fond of pointing out will speak for themselves.


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