05 April 2013

A Pický to Clický: Tomáš Rosický

Just thought we'd start with a quick loyalty test to see who's willing to read past that title. Once I got the phrase into my head, it just stuck. I'm using it in hopes of it infecting some other hapless soul's brain and disinfecting mine. Thank you in advance for volunteering.

In all seriousness, as we look to a spark to inspire us to victory tomorrow against West Brom, I'm thinking that Tomáš Rosický is due for a break-out game. He missed most of the first half of the season after Achilles surgery in July, and since his return, he's had only two starts and ten appearances for us. It's probable that he's still not at 100%. Since a MOTM-quality appearance against Olympiakos, he's struggled to find the form that made him such a valued and valuable player. Having said all that, I believe (yes, and hope) that he's one who's going to make some noise tomorrow.

Who can forget the iconic moment pictured above from the 5-2 win against Spurs last year? His celebration after scoring was legendary. Sure, players celebrate after goals, but so many of them have scripted routineseven the "kissing the badge" feels a little ho-hum, all the more so when the player ships off and does the same with whichever new badge he's sportin'. Instead, Rosický's reaction was an explosion of unbridled, genuine joy, passion, and pride that I'm going to remember for a long time. After years of frustration, hobbled by injury after injury, the catharsis he must have felt at purging a few of those dark moments from his mind was palpable, and it pulsated throughout the stadium. I think that passion is part of what makes Rosický so special. We have some nice players on the squad, but I worry sometimes at how bland or staid so many of them are. Rosický doesn't just play a high-energy game, pressing all over the pitch and picking defenses apart; he crackles with energy, and this energy is infectious for his teammates.

A few days ago, Dortmund's Marco Reus, someone we've been linked with in the past, spoke glowingly of Rosický, calling him "my idol":
My idol was always Tomáš Rosický. He used to be phenomenal. He had such a good eye for an opening and knew where his team-mates were, and he was so quick. Rosický had great technique and was so intelligent and mature, even though he was still young at Dortmund. I copied everything about him, right down to his sweatbands. He was so unlucky he had bad injuries at Arsenal because, otherwise, he would be one of the world's best players.
I'm going to agree with almost all of what Reus said, but I have to take exception with the past-tense of all of those verbs. He still has a good eye for an opening; he still is so quick and has great technique and is still mature and intelligent. I don't mean that Reus intended to slight Rosický. It's a way of speaking people just use without noticing. Rosický's not dead, so we should interpret most of Reus's comments as still applicable. Is he still phenomenal? No. Is he one of the world's best players? No. Is he capable of flashes and stretches of brilliant play? Yep.

I'm not saying that Rosický is going to travel back in time to recapture his youthful form for a full 90' tomorrow; I'm just suggesting that, instead of another performance that is decent, I'm seeing a game in which he leaves his mark, maybe even enough to be a MOTMone goal or assist, 95% passing accuracy, two dribbles one, three tackles.


  1. I support all arsenal players til end of the season. but Rosicky is one of the reasons why we are in trouble.. How i the hell they renewed his contract for 80,000 p/w. The so called Deadwood are commanding 30+ million pounds in salaries only. The problem is not a player failing, it happens to all teams. The issue is we pay them so much that no one would take them of our sheet even for free. Denílson anybody?
    even when they are loaned. we are paying 50% of there salary..
    Remember the Lad Park? 50,000 p/w for WHAT exactly ? Bendtner 50,000 p/w for what also?
    Would any team on the planet apart of sugar daddy's teams pay even half that salary for these players ?
    No matter how good or bad Rosicky is i will support him til end of the season. But no way in hell i will pin our dreams on him. Its not his fault for the injuries but its our club management fault for renewing his contract for that crazy amount for money for a player who even played less games than Diaby....

    Its one thing not having 100% success in signing players ( no one does ) but its a disaster when you cant even sell them.

    Shittenham wage bill is 60 million less than us... its just sad.

    Players like Aaron Ramsey ( same as Denílson) commands 60k+ salaries and played so many games for us, they are not bad footballers. but for sure not exceptional. The amount of games/time/training invested in those average players who any normal fan knew they were average at best. could been invested else where. players like song who we had to suffer over 100 games for him to become something close to a proper DM. we sell them... I am ranting because i am bored and still 8 hours to wait for the game ^_^.

    almost 90% of Arsenal fans i know at the start of the season were saying we need a DM & striker.. and these are normal fans who work 8 - 12 hours every day and dont get paid 7 million per year for only one job to manage Arsenal... Guess what after 30 games what players are we missing ?

  2. I agree in part with what your saying about paying deadwood players high wages but Rosisky isn't deadwood that guy along with RVP saved our season last season and that alone and the goal against Spurs and his MOTM performance that day alone make him worth it to me.Everytime I see that picture of him celebrating that goal makes me smile and brings me joy in the same way I would looking at the old pictures of Arsenal lifting torphies and that is what football is about its about those one or two special moments your talk about for years and tell your kids about and remember where you were what you were wearing how you reacted when it happened and those moments are priceless.

    That said I think your harsh on Ramsey who believe me wasn't average before his injury he was alot more than average he had unbelievable potentail I remember watching him before he broke his leg and thinking fabregas MK2 he was brilliant even the game he broke his leg he was brilliant and if he can get anywhere near that form we will have the best midfield in terms of creativity in the country with Ramsey, Carzola, Wilshire.

    What people say about Song is bullshit im afraid he was a rubbish DM he was good going forward but defensivly he was rubbish he lacked the displine we needed from a DM, we need a DM who will just sit in front of the back four all game someone like Gilberto, Makalele and Song was no where near that and how many games has he played for Barca?

    When he was here last season and the season before everyone was saying we needed a DM and when he left we still needed one because when he was here and when he wasnt here we still didn't have a DM. When we sold him I wasn't concerned in the slightest aslong as we found a replacement but the fact that we haven't is bad but that said when he was here I was still hoping we brought a proper DM how many fans even before Song left were hoping we got M'Villa/Copue I rest my case on Song.

  3. Thanks, Itti and Mohammed, for weighing in. I think you're each replying to a few posts at once, though. My "deadwood" post attempted to put a positive spin on the four players who left: Van Persie, Song, Nasri, Fabregas. Song, for example, was never as good as some said he was, and we see evidence of that now that he's struggling to find time.

    I wish we could unload all of the loanees (Denilson, Park, Bendtner, Vela, Djourou...). They are of course a financial burden that drags us down.

    I like Ramsey maybe more than he deserves, but he was asked to take over for Fabregas, and he wasn't ready for that task, so he tried too hard and made mistakes as a result. I'm still his fan.

    As for Rosicky, we might be overpaying him, but he's got that Arsenal DNA, so I don't mind so much. He did help to save our season as you say.

    it's hard to sign players, especially when we've gone for unproven talent on the hope that they will flourish. it's worked out about half the time, I would guess. that's something we may have to change, and start splurging on one or two proven players instead.

    for now, we have a match against west Brom that's less than an hour away...

    thanks for visiting!

  4. !@#$ hell!!! ok ok .... from now on til end of the season... write a post about a player so he scores 2 !!!!


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